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Slightly obsessed with TV shows.

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do you know what i need? 

i need someone to wait until season 4 is done, then write a fanfic basically rewriting it with isaac in it. 

i need funny malia and isaac interactions and i need scisaac eye sex and scarf jokes. 

that’s right i need it, because isaac’s absence has hit me like a ton of bricks and teen wolf may never be the same and i may never be the same. 

i’m not being dramatic

(if someone does this pls let me know)

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Plot Twist: Isaac is the benefactor because of that time Scott went to Mexico without him

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Remember when Hanna and Caleb when on their first camping trip?!?! Too sweet.
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I always go on the Isaac lahey tag after an episode of teen wolf, it reminds me that there are actually still some people out there who remember Isaac exists.

Like seriously teen wolf is never gonna be the same for me.

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Do you ever just sit and imagine what it would be like if all of your favorite fictional characters were like stranded on an island or locked in a room or something

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