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Slightly obsessed with TV shows.

- Heroes
- Teen Wolf
- Pretty Little Liars
- The 100
- Gilmore Girls

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Are you a robot
or are you an alien?

Do you ever just sit and imagine what it would be like if all of your favorite fictional characters were like stranded on an island or locked in a room or something

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The only way I’m getting through the absence of Isaac is fan fiction and imagining him coming back after this season as a French talking badass after chris has trained him and shit

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Map of European leaders.

this is highly disturbing

Yes! Someone finally remembered that we (northern Ireland, the small bit with the arrow) are part of the UK we didn’t go through the troubles for nothing bitches

Okay so to my knowledge, a Nathan Petrelli action figure does not exist. And I’m really freakin’ annoyed. He was a main character from season 1 right through. EVEN CLAUDE AND LINDERMAN HAVE ACTION FIGURES. I really want one and I’m slightly pissed.

PS if one does exist and someone knows where to get it you know where I am.

Rant over.

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